About us.


Mandarin Gear was founded in 2014 by Manuel Becvar. Manuel has a 17 year-long history and background in the consumer products sector, having worked for large retailers.  Manuel has lived for over 11 years in Hong Kong, China giving him an extensive knowledge in the manufacturing industry in China. We started out with mainly consumer electronics and have since added various products to our brand. We exhibit our products and brand labels at major exhibitions in Asia. 

Besides Mandarin-Gear, Manuel founded and runs ImportDojo, a website dedicated to helping people mastering the import/export industry. Manuel has also written 4 books on the subject that are available on Amazon. Due to his experience Manuel has been invited to speak at eCommerce and import from China related conferences around the world. 

Outside of work you will find Manuel spending lots of time exercising and hiking the mountains of Hong Kong. 




Manuel Becvar
CEO, Founder