When you place an order with us we make sure that each delivery is inspected by a third-party laboratory.


With this we make sure that the goods are produced and delivered according to your order requirements. We will send you an inspection report for you evaluation.


Whats more we won't release the goods for shipment unless we made sure they are in order and produced according to your country's standard. 

You can find some Inspection report samples on the right side.



We are aware of different countries regulations and have all necessary certification available. We will send them to you upon request. These include for example: CE, GS, RoHS, ERP, EMC, etc.



We work with world-renown Logistics Providers such as Kuehne & Nagel, Maersk, MSC and others. If you prefer to work with your own logistics provider, please give us your shipping instructions and we will be happy to follow up. 

We will provide you with all necessary shipping documents such as: Bill of lading, GSP Form A, Customs Invoice, Packing List, EC-DOC and other documents that you might need. 


Logistic Options:

Below you can find our preferred Logistic options. Others are open to discuss. 

FOB (free on board):

This is the preferred shipping option for most Customers as they choose the place of arrival and logistics provider for themselves. You pay for the goods, we will have them delivered to the harbor and logistics including customs is done by you. 

DDP (delivery duty paid): 

We deliver the goods to the named place in the country of the buyer and pay all costs in bringing the goods to the destination including import duties and taxes. This option is usually more expensive as it is an "all-in" package where logistics provider earn most of their money.